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Hampshire Scout Caving Club exists to give youth members of the Scout Association in Hampshire the opportunity to try caving. To that end we run a number of "Caving Days" each year. These are open to Scouts and Explorer Scouts, are based in Mendip, Somerset and cost £90 for a group of up to six participants. The dates for 2019 are the weekends of 9th & 10th March, 18th & 19th May and 12th & 13th October.

If you are unable to make the above dates, the caving club will, subject to leader availability, organise leaders for your own trip on a date of you choice. A day's trip in Mendip for a group of up to six will cost £90, other areas will cost more.

The fees paid for the above activity days include equipment hire, cave fees and cave leaders expenses. They do not include lunch or the cost of transporting the participants to and from the caves.

If you have your own cave leaders and just want to borrow kit, the hire charge is £3.50 per day for a set of helmet, lamp and belt. There is a further charge of £3.50 per day for oversuits.

If requested, leaders from the caving club will come to your section meeting to give a short presentation on caving.

For any of the above please contact the booking secretary using the form on the "contact" page.

If you are interested in caving and are at least 18 years of age, Hampshire Scout Caving Club invites you to come on any of the Scout/Explorer weekends listed above. We hope to run some trips independent of the Scouts/Explorers where we will be able to improve your caving skills. You may then be able to come on more advanced trips with the club, help on the Scout/Explorer weekends and maybe getting your own cave permit. For more information contact the chairman using the form on the "contact" page.