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For security reasons the primary method of accessing the server is through 'SSH', which provides encrypted communication by default. The server name is

File Transfer / File Upload

FTP is not supported as it does not support encryption by default, and equivalent functionality may be achieved over an SSH connection using the 'sftp' or 'scp' protocols. Many FTP servers have also shown themselves to be horrendously insecure over the past years, and the FTP protocol itself can interact badly with certain types of firewall.

There are various graphical user interfaces available for the Windows platform that support 'sftp' or 'scp' file transfers. These include WinSCP and Filezilla

Interactive Logons

Interactive (console based) login is possible using SSH. If you are using Microsoft Windows you many need to obtain a suitable SSH client, for example Putty. If you want to change your password then login using SSH and run the passwd command.

Access from foreign countries

In order to reduce attacks on the server, access from countries outside Europe and North America may be blocked. i.e. you may not be able to login remotely from Asia, the Pacific and Latin America. If you are travelling to these areas and need to guarantee access to the server then please speak to the sysadmin prior to your traval.

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