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The web server is Apache 2.

Domain Hosting

If your user account is associated with a hosted domain then your home directory will contain a 'sites' subdirectory. Inside this subdirectory will be a further subdirectory with a name corresponding to the hosted website. Files placed in this directory will be automatically visible on your website.

CGI scripts

CGI scripts may be placed anywhere within your website. Their filename must end .cgi (unless you provide special configuration directives, see below). They must be made executable (chmod a+x foo.cgi from the command prompt), and must contain an appropriate '#!' line (eg '#!/usr/bin/perl --') at the top of the script.

They will be executed under the UID of your user through Apache's suExec mechanism. It is therefore not necessary to make files world writeable in order for your CGI script to be able to write to them.

CGI scripts placed on the server that are found to be insecure will be deleted first and questions asked later (if we're feeling nice they might be disabled rather than deleted, but don't count on it). If you're unsure about a script please consult with the system administrator before uploading it to your website.

Server Side Includes

Server Side Includes (SSI) are supported. By default they must be placed in files with names ending .shtml.

You can enable SSI parsing for all .html files by creating a file called .htaccess in the directory containing the files in question containing:

  Options +Includes
  AddHandler server-parsed .html

A similar effect can be achieved for specific HTML pages using the XBitHack option.

Special Configurations

The webserver may be configured through the use of .htaccess files. These can be used to password protect directories within websites, to adjust the mime type reported by the webserver for a given file, to provide redirects, to replace the default error documents and to change how the webserver handles certain types of files.

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